MegaTech can transform your business to an engaging customer experience which can increase profitability and operate seamlessly

Unleash the power of technology and create new value for your retail business

SimronSoft can transform and optimize your retail business using business analytics, cloud & mobile services and interactive marketing


Technology Impacting Retail Industry

Transformation by adoption of new technologies  sweeping the retail industry. Today’s customers are much better connected, well informed and get many options in the market. Customers demanding mobile shopping experience, personalized services, better product presentation etc.  These changes are giving rise to a host of innovations around omni-channel retailing, mobile apps, customer data mining, responsive supply chains and cutting-edge in-store self-help technologies

Transform Retail Business to a engaging brand experiences

Technology can help you better understand complex variable which overlap as well like seasonality, vendor limitation, changing trends, locations and logistic supplies. With cutting edge Technology its easier to merchandise smartly with a agile supply network its easier to match customers high expectations with greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.


Understand, Connect and Engage your customers

Todays customer expect personalized services. Its important to know the customers as customers reward retailers who get to know them better and deliver accurately every time. With better technology we can target individual customers with timely, relevant and personalized offers delivered via their preferred channels.

Transformation and Optimization of business can improve performance and efficiency.Today’s efficient and highly secure technology and services can improve finance, human recourse, budgeting, administration and procurement. Increasing the efficiency of the retail operation improves the financial position and become a differentiate in the field.