Our World is Transforming from a world where a couple million people use social collaboration tools to a world where hundreds of millions of people rely on it every day to get things done

Dispersed workforce makes it challenging for employees to stay connected, engaged.

Social Collaboration approach enables us to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles to create a real, working environment.

SimronSoft's Social collaboration tool provides rich features to fully enable better work life experience integrating mobile, cloud and enterprise framework

Knowledge Management It helps you build knowledge database which can be referred by users across the organization
Community Management Create or Manage groups inside your organization for easy information sharing or working together.
Ordered Discussion enabling internal team members and subject-matter experts to quickly connect, brainstorm, problem solve, and exchange information in a specific...
Unified Workforce SimronSoft’s product architecture ensures quick and easy integration with enterprise and point-solution applications and platforms.
Feature Builder It enables the user to create and manage new workflows, forms and reports and integrate to existing process
Integrated Workflow Tool enables you to monitor pieces of works and its movement across the department and desks.

Eliminate barriers to team productivity.

When employees  groups like a network, they can improve productivity inside and outside of the organization, adapt more quickly to change, and drive more effective results together.

  • Make Smarter Decisions
  • Work Better Together
  • Collaborate Beyond Business

Socialize Your Business with SimronSoft’S Social Collaboration Solution



Social Collaboration tools allow employees to share information, manage and track projects, and work collaboratively and interactively via multiple communication channels across organization.